Xml parsing in clojure?


I have managed to do some XML parsing with Clojure, but it seems rather laborious and un-automatic. I suspect I haven’t discovered the best way, or perhaps my grasp of the problem just hasn’t clicked yet.

Is there a best practice? Any good example resources?


I found this article a really good start:
Korny’s Blog: XML for Fun and Profit

I did a big hairy XML project recently and that article was a big help.

The (xml->) form let’s you drill right down and grab multiple nodes by tags, attributes, etc. That sounds like it might be the tool you’re missing.

As an interesting aside, I wonder how my program would have gone if I did it this way; for more simplicity and more initial understanding of the tools:
Processing Documents with Transducers


Yes, I have been using XML-> I think my objections are kind similar to those expressed by Malcom in that second article. I may give that transducer route a go, and see if it makes things simpler.