What is sequence of courses for Functional Programming and Clojure


Hi Team,

I am new to Clojure and functional programming. In purelyfunctional there are lots of courses are there. I was started with > Category Theory from the Universe Up from where, I am learning basic idea of functional programming and its stuff. But I am confused with next course and what are our sequences for following the course here. Please guide us.


Hi @Harmeet,

Awesome! How did you like that course?

You can try anything in the Beginner section.

There are courses related to Clojure: Introduction to Clojure, and Clojure Scope and Clojure Syntax

There are courses related to functional programming: 3 Functional Tools and Recursion 101.

These are all good places to start.

Rock on!


Thanks @ericnormand,

The Category Theory from the Universe Up is really awesome. There are lots of things are clear from this course. But still , like I am from OOPS background and working on Scala and Java 8, So, it is still difficult make our system designs from OOPS to Functional. Hey, if you help me, like If you refer me some books for functional paradigm, that may be help further.


I wish there were some really great books about FP in practice. There are books about particular languages, but not FP that I am aware of. But here are my recommendations:

  • Clojure Programming => awesome book from beginner to intermediate
  • Clojure Applied => for intermediate; goes into how to use the different tools Clojure gives you
  • The Joy of Clojure => for really going deep into the design

Rock on!