TDD Workflow in Emacs with Cider


Getting a good development and testing workflow is really important to learning and to feeling comfortable in a language. Would you like a lesson showing how to do this with Emacs and Cider?

This would include:

  • A TDD reference sheet, including the keystrokes needed for the flow.
  • A video showing why and how to do it.

This would NOT include:

  • Getting Emacs + Cider set up. (That’s a valid topic, but it’s not this one.)

Please vote. Comments are encouraged!

  • :thumbsup: Yes, please teach this!
  • :thumbsdown: No, I’m not interested.

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11 upvotes at the time I write this.

I’ve started this lesson and it’s coming next week!



This is old post but any tutorials on setting up emacs with cider would be very helpful. As a newbie who really wants to learn TDD and Clojure, lack of info in setting up emacs/cider was frustrating (although I LOVE the rest of the course!) Additionally, it wouldn’t be so bad if there were good, current Youtube videos on this but there’s none that I could find