React Wrapper Comparison


Several people have asked me about a comparison between the different ClojureScript React wrappers.

For example:

This would be a lesson comparing the various React wrappers, which all have advantages and disadvantages:

  • Om (Next)
  • Reagent
  • Quiescent
  • Rum
  • Brutha

I confess that I don’t know how all of them work, so it will take a lot research. Brutha and Rum are relatively new, and Om Next is very new (still in Alpha). However, there is a talk comparing Om, Reagent, and Quiescent that may satisfy you without needing a lesson in it. If you have an opinion on whether I should do it, vote below.

Please vote. Comments are encouraged!

  • :thumbsup: Yes, please teach this!
  • :thumbsdown: No, I’m not interested.

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Om Next Lessons

Can’t decide whether to select Yes because it’s nice in itself, or Abstain (No?) because for me an tutorial would be higher prio. :slight_smile:

Personally, due to limited time, I usually only adopt tech when little gotchas/workarounds are clear. Tiny gotchas are important, because those can eat up hours of time. (Which may imply a community-edited website which asks for gotchas people come across…)

That talk comparing Om/Reagent/Quiescent was extremely valuable since it was very abstract, so alerted you to what details you should zero in on first… But it already exists.

Complicating matters is:

  • How much will change before release?
  • Do comparisons of different young frameworks rapidly go out of date?