Modeling Games


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This lesson teaches various options for representing the state of a game of solitare. It includes a video screencast, a git repo, and exercises. The video is 16 minutes long. The exercises might take 20-30 minutes.



I am having problem viewing this video (Solitaire 4 - Modeling Games.mp4).

It starts out ok, but at about 01:06 or so, I continue to hear audio, but the video
doesn’t appear to change any more.

The sha256 checksum I have for the file is:


I tried downloading it a second time, but got the same checksum (and unsurprisngly
experienced the same playback issue).

I’ve tried viewing using VLC 2.2.4 on an Arch Linux box, and a few different players
on various Android devices but they all exhibited similar playback issues.

Please help resolve this issue.


P.S. Have been finding this series helpful. Thanks for making it!


Hi @pftv8,

Sorry about that. I’m rerendering the whole series. They should be uploaded soon. I’ll let you know.



Hi @pftv8,

Can you try redownloading the 4th lesson? I’ve rerendered all of them and reuploaded them. So they’re all brand new!

Rock on!


I redownloaded the 4th lesson and was able to view the new video much more successfully than before.

Thanks for your efforts!