Licensing for clojure projects


I’m making a personal website with clojure, using the usual web libraries like ring, compojure, lib-noir, etc.

Upon starting a new project, lein usually sets the default license to EPL 1.0, which makes sense because clojure is EPL 1.0 (

I really do like the BSD licenses better - and would like to check what other people are doing regarding their software licensing before changing the licensing of my code to BSD 2-clause.

Is that even permissible? The code I write belongs to me, but clojure itself is EPL.


Answering my own question with a stack overflow link


(sorry I broke the url to get past the link policy here)

the gist is that it’ll be more complicated with hybrid licensing of my files vs clojure proper.

It can be done if I separate out cleanly what is mine vs what belongs to clojure proper (and associated EPL licensed libraries, etc), but in general probably not a good idea, especially if I intend my modules/code to be put up for use by other people sometime in the future.