Installing Atom as a Clojure IDE


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In this lesson, I install Atom and set it up as a Clojure IDE with integrated REPL. It’s just the first steps, but in 30 minutes following some recommendations and stumbling through a new interface, I manage to get it working and running stuff at the REPL.


Eric, I think you should try this again and re-record it. After seeing Jason’s presentation at the Conj, Proto-REPL seems like a powerful but simple tool. Would be good to have it better represented here.


Hey @nando,

It’s totally true. I wish I knew Atom+ProtoREPL well enough to teach it!

Is there enough interest out there for a course?

Rock on!


Eric, as you mentioned, learning Clojure and Emacs at the same time can be daunting. Getting a coding environment set up and being comfortable enough with it to begin experimenting is essential to the learning process.

I think you simply need to go through the setup process again, or just say to follow the instructions that Jason provides to optimally set up Proto-Repl ( ). Then start a new lein project, and show how the repl displays results both in a separate screen, or inline like LightTable, with that handy expand arrow to show even the most complex nested data structures. Jason has a sample project he uses to show off the features. You could use that, the same one he used for his talk.

Not sure there is that much to teach, just show that it’s available and its basic features, so that people find out about it.