I'm asking for code review for my small project from community


Here is a very simple full stack clojure app. There are 2 parts: backend (src/clj folder) and frontend (src/cljs) folder. Frontend is very simple and silly, because I had not so much time and spent it on backend. Backend is mostly ok, at least I think so :slight_smile: Could you make code review of the backend code or just write a couple of comments? I think there is always a way to improve code, especially when other people take a fresh look on it.


Hi Andrey,

I’m not sure I’m qualified to judge but out of interest I briefly looked at the code in your project and to me it looks great. I’m a hobbyist Clojure developer. I write code for a living but unfortunately I only get to use C# and JavaScript at work. :frowning: I too am building a web app in Clojure/Script as a side project and am using many of the libraries you have chosen.

For my front end code I chose re-frame. I started with om then switched to reagent and finally settled on re-frame. Om.next looks really interesting though. The whole graphql/relay idea is definitely were things are headed.

For my DB access I also started with HoneySql and recently switched to HugSQl which was inspired by HoneySql and is definitely worth a look.

One observation I have is the lack of tests in your project but you probably already know that. As you say, it’s still a work in progress. I’ve done a little bit of testing and chose Jay Fields expectations library which I really like. I too need to write lots more tests :smile: .

Perhaps other, more experienced Clojure developers can offer more constructive criticism then me but in the meantime I wish you good luck with the rest of your project.



Thanks a lot for your feedback, especially mentioning tests, I need to work on it. I really want to use Om.Next, but it can take more effort than I thought in the beginning.

btw, I also was a C# developer a year ago…