Figwheel recompiling on production


Anyone here particularly adept at figwheel? Built a Reagent app from the default Reagent lein template and deployed to heroku ( but even in prod there’s a brief “ClojureScript has not been compiled! please run lein figwheel” which displays and then disappears after compile. We don’t use :requires outside of a namespace declaration (as per one post on SO) and I think our :builds :externs are all correct. Any ideas or pointers in troubleshooting? Our project.clj is here


I got more info from Clojurians on Slack and I may have misunderstood things: I thought something from figwheel was still being triggered in production but it was just the default HTML that’s displayed until the app gets mounted into the DOM. Wanted to document in case any one else needs this (or has further wisdoms!)