Expanding the data model


Originally published at: https://purelyfunctional.tv/complete-web-app-from-scratch/expanding-the-data-model/
Now that we’re connected to the database, we build out our data model using CREATE TABLE statements. These will run every time the server is started.


In this lesson the video shows you able to run (create-row db uid); however when I attempt that at the REPL I receive the following error:

PSQLException ERROR: column "upload_id" of relation "rows" does not exist Position: 23 org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.receiveErrorResponse (QueryExecutorImpl.java:2182)

I have diff’ed the code from the github repo from the right checkout point against my local versions of core.clj and database.sql and there are no differences between your code and mine.

Any thoughts/guidance as to what is causing this?