Emacs themes for Clojure


I’m curious what some of you are using for themes for emacs when writing clojure code.

Here is a screenshot comparing what’s in the lispcast intro webdev video with the default solarized dark theme provided by “spacemacs”: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/318601/persistent/emacs-solarized-clojure.png

Eric’s looks great, the default on the right looks like it has “too much color” and repetition of color.

What are you using? I’m especially interested in something “solarized”. Thanks!


Hey there!

My Solarized theme is set up from I think an older package that works fine but it hasn’t been update in a long time.

Here are the two packages I have installed listed in package-list-packages. I believe they are on Marmalade.

  color-theme           6.6.1         installed             install color themes
  color-theme-solarized 20120301      installed             Solarized themes for Emacs

Then in my config,

(require 'color-theme)
(load-theme 'solarized-dark t)

I’ve tried some other ones but this one works the best for me, and I think it looks really nice.

Rock on!


Awesome Eric thanks I’ll give that a shot!

Did you do anything special to make rainbow parens use those same colors or did that “just work”?


I believe it just worked.


I use the sanityinc version of the solarized theme from the melpa repo. I think it looks similar to the default one you posted.

I did ‘tone down’ some of the colours. If you run M-x list-faces-display you will get a list of all the current faces with a sample. You can then click on the sample and you get an interface where you can modify the face attributes. When your done, you just need to same your changes and they will be written into the customize section of your init.el.

From memory, the main thing I did was disable bold on some of the faces so they were a little less ‘harsh’. There is also a handy page on github which outlines the colours you are supposed to use for the solarized theme, as well as provide some discussion on the theory/approach underlying the theme design. Just search on github for solarized.


I am using tango-dark.
I like that the clojure functions, special forms, and macros are medium green and my def and defn symbols are yellow.