Emacs Clojure Code Completion


Hey @ericnormand, I was curious what magic you had in your emacs setup that expands your autocompletion to include namespaces from parts of a project which you haven’t opened yet in Emacs. Is that a CIDER thing, auto-compl / company, or something else? Thanks!


Hey there, @chadhs,

I’m not sure exactly what you’re referring to. Are you talking about expanding some of the Clojure built-ins like clojure.string or clojure.java.io? The reason those expand without loading them manually is that they are usually already loaded by something (either Clojure itself or another library). So they’re already loaded into the REPL.

There is something built into clj-refactor that does automatic requiring:

Rock on!


Hey @ericnormand,

Thanks for the reply. My setup works fairly well completing all the typical builtins and anything from namespaces in my own code that I’ve already required or evaluated in emacs.

The clj-refactor automatic requiring may be the little extra sauce I’m seeing in action. I’ll check it out, thanks!