Does anyone want to participate in my small open source Clojure project?


More than a month ago I started writing full stack Clojure app (I’ve written about it in this forum). It’s especially useful for learning because it’s an open source project and you can study the source code. You can see it in action here and see the source code here. I’ve written both backend and client side and another guy helps me to write correctly client side with Om.Next. It’s pretty difficult: there are still no best practices how to write Om.Next apps. It seems like a difficult task and any help would be great. If you are studying Clojure it’s a good opportunity to see many Clojure libs in action: com.stuartsierra/component, liberator, bidi, core.async, Om.Next and others.

If you want to participate in the project feel free to contact me via GitHub or Clojurians slack (my nickname is abtv). I wanted to create a full stack Clojure web app with good programming practices. I also wanted to study new technologies using this project. If you are like me and it’s interesting for you - you are welcome :wink:


Awesome, @abtv! I’m so happy you shared that here.



@abtv That’s a really cool project. These public repos are so important to help people learn. Thank you! I’ll be more available to collaborate in a few weeks and look forward to keeping up with your progress in the mean time. My best.


Cool! You can contact me here or on if you have any questions.