Diagnosing unexpected LazySeq (and debugger help?)


Well, I’m embarrassed that I’m still on the first lesson … bit tough to find time to buckle down and get 'er done.

In any case, I’m almost done with the second video but I jacked something up. The racks variable is getting set to a LazySeq, and the bake function is never getting called AFAICT.

Here’s a gist with my day-at-the-bakery function: https://gist.github.com/brentvukmer/2ff207b4600e99a8a47a#file-lazy-seq-bake-clj

I don’t see what I screwed up.

I’m trying to debug this in Cursive but not very proficiently. I did put a breakpoint in the bake function that is never getting hit.


Huzzah for clojure-docs!

Fixed when I wrapped for with a doall.


Hi Brent!

Sorry for your troubles, but congratulations on fixing it yourself!

What happened was long ago when I made those videos, my local version of the bakery and the one in Clojars diverged. So I wasn’t seeing the problem when I ran it, yet other people were reporting this issue. I finally diagnosed the problem, pushed a new version of bakery, and wrote about it in the Errata pdf. But I guess it’s not that visible. I’ll have to fix it.

Anyway, check the Errata PDF (available inside of the mentoring program). It contains a small change to your project.clj to get that working just like it is in the video.

Thanks for your patience on this.


Thanks for following up, Eric. I had seen the Errata PDF and declared the right version of the bakery dependency ( … so not sure what caused the issue.

No big deal. Fun to start learning about lazy sequences!