Converting webdev to Datomic


Am going to go ahead and try moving the video’s webdev app to Datomic. It seems that it should just be a rewriting of the model class and pointing to a new db if I’m reading this correctly? Can make the repo available if I start to get somewhere.

(Interestingly - when including datomic in the project dependencies, the server will still start, but it won’t print out the first two lines of jetty identifying information. I troubleshooted for some time thinking if was hanging and didn’t find a way to have leiningen give a verbose dump. But it really seems to be that single dependency. curl dumps the same header.)


Hey, sounds cool! Do please post it somewhere (and link to it from here).

About the jetty status lines, I wonder if datomic redefines out or something. That’s a weird thing to do.


Will do Eric - I’ll post the repo when done.

It has been easier than I thought actually. I have the reading and writing to Datomic working and hope to have some time to get to the others today. The deletion I’m doing a bit differently since Datomic doesn’t “like” excising data. I’ve just created an extra boolean flag called Active and the the Datalog query only reads those items which haven’t been inactivated (/deleted).


Good idea.

Have you had trouble excising? I’m sure that at some point, you will actually want to forget some data for legal reasons. I heard that it was implemented, but have not tried it myself.


Yes - excision is supported for such causes (legal, etc.) but from my limited take of reading their docs they don’t mean it to be used for average data deletion.

But no - haven’t personally tried it myself.


I’m actually going through a similar exercise with step zero being doing some learning here:

I’ve already went through this:

Work will be committed here:


Awesome. Can’t wait to see it.


+1 looking forward to it


Hoping within the next 2-3 weeks, unless I run into snags.