Bug? In “Cancel reset form,” actually no problem to avoid?


The last task says:

Cancel reset form

Well, there’s a problem. Click New entry, type some stuff in, then click Cancel. Now click New entry again. The stuff is still there. Sarah doesn’t like this. She thinks Cancel should really cancel, meaning forget everything she was doing and start over.

This doesn’t actually happen for me. Tag 1.18 works just as Sarah wants.

Demonstration: If I put (js/alert "init") in item-form's init-state method, then everytime I hit the New entry button after cancelling, I see the alert.



Thanks for the bug report. I appreciate it and I’m really happy to know you got to the end.

That’s weird. I specifically added that because I was noticing the behavior. I’m going to play with it a little more to see if I can reproduce it.



Oh yeah, I’d just like to mention your course saved me massive vacation time! Stating gotchas upfront saved me from grinding through them. (Now I’m far better prepared for the next step of reading/modifying code like the Flappy Bird demo; using Om’s & React’s reference docs; dealing with HTML/DOM gotchas, etc.)

This potential bug is actually helpful, because it happened at the very end, and offered something to investigate. (For example, is it related to how Figwheel blows away component local state? That’s an active field, with @bhauman wanting frameworks to use cljs-react-reload, and a recent article on how to recycle it in Reagent.)


Hey @tjg, that’s great! I’m glad I saved you time.

This is valuable stuff you’ve just told me. Both to my happiness and potentially to future sales. Would you mind doing a more formal testimonial for me to put on the sales page? I will send you a few questions to answer, then I’ll edit your answers together. In exchange, I’ll send you any of my courses you like for free :slight_smile:

What do you say? If you agree, send me an email at eric@lispcast.com and I’ll send you the questions!

Either way, thanks for the great feedback.