Basic Transducers


Transducers are a way to capture the work that gets done in a pipeline separate from the concrete details of the pipeline. For instance, a transducer can work on both a lazy sequence and on a core.async channel.

Would you like to learn the basics of using transducers? It would be about how to convert an existing pipeline (a chain of maps, filters, and reduces) into a transducer.

Please vote. Comments are encouraged!

  • :thumbsup: Yes, please teach this!
  • :thumbsdown: No, I’m not interested.

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Hey there,
I voted “yes” but only because I see this topic of transducers popping out in different places. Although, I still “don’t know what I don’t know”: are transducers going to improve my Clojure programming skills, what benefits do the provide, are they even necessary, etc.

Would be awesome if you manage to make a course about it!


Awesome! It has been on my list for a while. Transducers are cool. I’d also like to do Reducers.