Are there any clojure libraries for manipulating git or mercurial repositories?


I hope I’m using this discussion form properly, but I googled around and couldn’t find any obvious answers to this question.

I would like to use clojure to inspect / manipulate git or mercurial repos.

In the case of mercurial, since it’s written in python, there is a direct pythonic way to interact with a repo.

I was wondering if there was such a thing for clojure, or if I’d have to find some kind of java library to do this?


Hi @jlin,

I know that Codeq reads git repos. Looking at the source, it just execs the git command-line tools to gather data.


Depending on your goals, I might encourage you to read up on git internals and implement something for yourself.

Otherwise, I think the canonical Java git library is JGit; there seem to be a few clojure wrappers.


Thanks! I think I’ll start with just shelling out for commandline git - I’ll try to use

thanks Inmx!


I know there is a github api library called tentacles: