Any musicians/DJs or artists here?


Just curious as I had a music/art related question that ties into functional programming.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Sy,

I am a musician - what is your question?



Hi JF,

Thanks for your reply. I wanted to send you a PM but I think since I’m new, I’m unable to.

I wanted to ask if I could speak to you in private as I’m working on a startup that will help independent artists, musicians and fashion designers via scalable street festivals and I wanted to work with coders who were also musicians/artists themselves as only they would know the challenges that creative artists have.

Despite the internet revolutionizing distribution for a few decades, the live sector (best clubs, museums, shopping centers) are still controlled by few parties and is ripe for disruption in my opinion.

The key is to help the independent artist and musician and the rest will come.

Am open to hearing other points of view, especially from musicians who are also fans of Clojure!



Hey Synth_Slave,

A renowned clojurist, Sam Aaron (original creator/maintainer of Overtone ) is still active in the code/music space. Sam’s current project is Sonic-Pi. It kicks serious butt - you should definitely check it out if you haven’t yet. You might also find some more kindred spirits in the community forums as well…


Thanks Ivar! I’ll check it out! Much appreciated!


Hi Synth_Slave,

Sorry that I won’t be able to help you - I thought you had a music specific question… As suggested by Ivar, Overtone may be of interest to you - I am interested in learning it myself some time!

Best of luck and cheers,