About the Online Mentoring Topic Suggestions category


This is where you, as an Online Mentoring member, can suggest topics and comment on other people’s suggestions. Your advice, questions, and suggestions are all very important to this process.

If you have a topic you’d like to see in the Mentoring program, please check if something similar already exists. If it does, you can voice your agreement (by “liking” the post) or add a comment to amend it. If not, please start a new Topic requesting what you’d like to see.

Here are some guidelines that will help Eric understand what you’d like addressed:

  • All suggestions are welcome. Specific questions are preferred.
  • I might move topics/replies around for organizational purposes. For instance, after answering a suggestion with a lesson, I might move it to the bottom, etc. If I think a comment to a suggestion is big enough or separate enough to stand on its own, I’ll move it to its own thread.
  • If you find an existing suggestion that you want to see, please vote by clicking the large blue buttons in the posts. I’ll use that and the general comments to decide what to do next.